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President's Message

Create Some Memories!
Traditionally, our last meeting of the year is held in November; however, this year the meeting was held the last week of October. This change allowed the regional directors the opportunity to celebrate with the Bishops, Betsy and Rim, at the annual ...(more)

FWPCOA Big News!

FWPCOA Has New Shaft Alignment Training Aid
The FWPCOA has added a shaft alignment module, with a hands on training rig to the Level 2 Utilities Maintenance course. Bob Case, who designed and built the training aid demonstrated it at the October 26th Board of Director; Meeting. his training...(more)

Notable News

CEU Courses Available at Online Institute

FW&PCOA Training Office Address Change

Tax Return Availability

In Memoriam: David Clanton

Operator License Computer Testing Temporarily Suspended (UPDATED)

FWPCOA Has New Shaft Alignment Training Aid

2015 State Officeers Elected

2015 FW&PCOA Program Catalog

Notable Events

Education Meeting

January 2015 Board of Director's Meeting

2015 Spring State School

Water Professionals Month

Earth Day

2015 Florida Water Resources Conference

January Reclaim Inspector Course

January Water Distribution Level 2&3 Course

Water Fun Facts

Two thirds of the water used in a home is used in the bathroom.