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President's Message

Like Deja Vue all over again
“Like Deja Vue all over again” Me writing another C-factor column. The FW&PCOA core has become a small group of members who reappear year after year to manage and set policy for the rest. I am reaching out to all the members of the FW&PCOA to...(more)

FWPCOA Big News!

CEU Courses Available at Online Institute
Open 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week! The FW&PCOA Online Institute offers continuing education courses for water and wastewater treatment plant operators and water distribution system operator license renewal that can be conveniently comp...(more)

Notable News

CEU Courses Available at Online Institute

FW&PCOA Training Office Address Change

Tax Return Availability

In Memoriam: David Clanton

Operator License Computer Testing Temporarily Suspended (UPDATED)

FWPCOA Has New Shaft Alignment Training Aid

2015 State Officeers Elected

2015 FW&PCOA Program Catalog

Orlando Wetlands Festival 2015

EPA Releases Incident Action Checklists for Utilities

EPA VSAT and WHEAT Training

Discover Climate Projections and Trends for Your Area

EPA: Face Floods with Confidence

Notable Events

Education Meeting

March 2015 Board of Director's Meeting

2015 Spring State School

Water Professionals Month

Earth Day

2015 Florida Water Resources Conference

Utility Customer Relations Level I (DW/DS/WW23011)

Reclaimed Water Field Inspector Course

August Backflow Repair Course

Water Fun Facts

The Cloaca Maxima, the sewer system that serves Rome, was built over 2400 years ago. It is also still in service.