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Trivial Water and Sewer Fun Stuff

The Tomato is Always Sweeter over the Septic Tank
By FWPCOA Webmaster
Posted on 7/13/2018 10:56 AM

Care for some “organically grown” tomatoes? Tomato seeds can go through the human digestive system, sewer system, waste-water treatment plant and still germinate! Tomato plants sprout up in sewage works and places where sewage travels all the time. It kinda works like this:

  1. You eat tomatoes
  2. You pass tomato seeds in your waste
  3. The seeds travel to the wastewater plant
  4. Tomato plants pop up at the treatment plant, by the septic tank, etc.

So does the thought of tomatoes growing in the sewer surprise you? Well how else would the teenage ninja turtles make tomato sauce for their pizza?


The next time you see a tomato sprouting randomly in the wild, it might be because … umm … well … most of the seeds find their way into manure  or animal droppings (yes my dog likes tomatoes).