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Utilities Maintenance Award

The Utility Maintenance Award is presented to a person who has displayed dedication in the field of utility maintenance through the FW&PCOA. This award is to be presented by the Awards Committee Chairperson, President of the FW&PCOA, or a past recipient of the award at the awards luncheon of the Annual Fall State Short School. Submittal deadline for this award is June 1st.

The selection committee will be comprised of the Awards Committee Chairpersons staff or the President of the FW&PCOA, and past two (2) recipients of the award.
If it is deemed that there is not a candidate for the award for the prior year, the Awards Committee Chairperson may abstain from making a presentation for that year.


  1. Must be a current member of the FW&PCOA with at least one year of membership.

  2. Candidate must possess a current certificate in Utility Maintenance or write a short narrative on the candidate’s knowledge of the plant and its equipment.

  3. Instructed in the Utility Maintenance program during a scheduled short school.

    Individual has demonstrated proper record keeping skills of maintenance, and repairs in the plant and its equipment.

  4. Nominations must be received by the Awards Committee Chairperson by June 1st of the year in which the award is to be presented.

This award will have an individual plaque for a yearly award recipient. 

Utilities Maintenance Award Winners


  • 2018 - No Award Given
  • 2017 - Bob Sinatra (Water Conserv II/Woodard & Curran) (Electrical)
  • 2017 - Chad Robinson (City of North Port) (wastewater)
  • 2016 - Walt Smyser , Region 7 (Holly Hill)
  • 2015 - Robert Case, Region 4 (St. Petersburg)
  • 2014 - David Pachucki, Region 4


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