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Water & Pollution

Control Operators Association

HomeHisory - May 1956

The Way it Was - May 1956

The Florida Water and Sewage Works Operator's Association

Association Officers: 
Clarence R. Henry, President
C.M. Courson, President-Elect
Robert E. Simon, Secretary-Treasurer

The following are bits and peices as acknowledged in THE OVERFLOW, in a section called "Around the State."


OZONA - The Ozona Civic Association put forth a request to County Commissioners at their meeting to extend water service to Ozona Elementary and palm Harbor Jr. High School.


TOWN OF PALM BEACH - Sealed bids received by Town Hall 4-12-56 which will include 4 projects: (a) Gravity sewer mains, (b) Sewage force mains and air mains, (c) Sewage Lift Stations and (d) Outfall Line. $2,900,000 in bonds will cover cost. Town Manager J.M. Boyd - Norman C. Schmif & Associates, Miami Springs.


POMPANO BEACH - City Council talks a water facilities extention policy for housing developments. Commission is considering inside the city extension of feeder lines and other advantages. For development outside the city, another policy change is being recommended to make city water available with certain provisions, including a specification the area will be annexed within two years, or an equitable adjustment worked out.


FORT LAUDERDALE - New sewage plant to serve city's south east section, City Commissioner H.Y. (Doug) Lockhart told Port Board. They wish to start construction of plant right away. This is part of a $3,000,000 sewage program.


FT MYERS - City of Ft Myers will receive sealed bids on construction of trunk main and lateral sewe lines, modifications to seven existing pumping stations and construction of seven new pumping stations. Plans and specifications by Gee & Jensen, Inc. Consulting Engineers. Bids are to be received by April 330, 1956.

COCOA - Plans for a 7 million-dollar water system that will open up the building potential of Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach area, Rockledge, Port Canaveral and Patrick Airforce Base have been announced.


LAKE WORTH - Russell and Axon, Sanitary Engineering Company, of Daytona Beach, have submitted a report for a proposed sewer system for the city. The report is based on a 30-year plan at an estimated cost that would reach 6,000,000 dollars.


ORLANDO - City Council has approved a general sanitary sewer improvement program costing between $800,000 and 0ne-million dollars. The program calls for two new lift stations and additional main and pressure lines to increase the capacity of existing lift stations.

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